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by Shelly D. on Granulawn, Inc

I also inherited a very sad looking lawn. One side was brown-spotted St Augustine and the other side look like nothing but weds, with a few wisps of Bermuda in between. I've had 2 full applications and one in-between application for some pesky weeds and my lawn now looks beautiful. Weeds are gone, grass is growing (didn't even know I really had any in one area) and everything is green and beautiful. I took their advice and set up my sprinkler system to water twice a week, 10 minutes at a time with some time between and my St Augustine looks great. I'm a very happy customer and love all the interactions I've had with them. Would highly recommend this company for your lawn maintenance.

by Angie Cimbalo on Granulawn, Inc

Granulawn does an amazing job! Our lawn looks better than ever and we are very happy! We used another big name service in the past and it was way more expensive and never really looked a lot better after they came. Not so with Granulawn-our lawn gets better and better! These guys get fast results and know what they are doing! If you want an amazing lawn, Granulawn is the company for you!

by Carolle Liu on Granulawn, Inc

My lawn hasn't been maintained for over a year and I am happy that I chose Granulawn. Just one application and I am already seeing improvement. John noticed how much weed I had and came back a week after the first application to re-spay without request, that is great customer service. My back-yard has very thin grass and it begins to grow back in this HOT summer weather, believe it or not. The watering advice is a bonus. Use them, and you won't regret.

by Rusty Speed on Granulawn, Inc

Granulawn is the real deal. I have used several big name competitors in the past before switching to Granulawn. Granulawn provides a superior product, superior service, and amazing results! My lawn is hands down way better off in Granulawns care. I recommend giving them a try, if you do I think you'll stick around. Thank you Granulawn.

by Joshua Barnes on Granulawn, Inc

I wish I could post a two pictures with this review (a before and after) and what my lawn has done in the past year. Par none. These guys know what they're doing, they know how to do it, and they keep you informed. Their tips on watering (how much and how often) and mowing (how often and grass height) is an added bonus. I acquired a terrible looking yard with weeds and sunburnt patches just one year ago. It was so bad that I only had to mow it 3 times the entire summer season (because it wouldn't grow). These guys come in and do professional applications and I'm not kidding you, I have the best yard on the block. Perfect little family run place (the type you want to stay in business). If you're hesitant about any of the lawn companies or need a little guidance with your yard, Granulawn helped me out tremendously.

by Kati on Granulawn, Inc

Rodney is professional and really understands what is needed to get my pastures back in shape. I really like that you folks keep up with new products and fertilizers which will help revitalize after these hard years. I recommend you to everyone!

by Van Nguyen on Granulawn, Inc

I live in the outer-Aubrey area and the guys at Granulawn have done wonders for my little yard! I'm a do-it-yourself kind of guy, but with all of the kids activities, work and other things going on, I just didn't have time for my yard...and it showed! I called Granulawn in March/April towards the end of the season for first applications and they came out to apply their product the next day. Now, it's the end of June (and three applications later) my yard looks fantastic! There are still some minor weeds, but the grass is THICK and HEALTHY! No more notices from the HOA! 😉

by The Jacksons on Granulawn, Inc

Granulawn is a top notch, professional company. They have always been very accommodating and helpful when it comes to our lawn care. We highly recommend them.

by Jim W. in Frisco on Granulawn, Inc

Granulawn is a great company with personalized service. I have been using Granulawn for 5 years. I had another company replace my bermuda with St. Augustine. And the first two years it was fabulous, getting the nutrients and prep chemicals from Granulawn. Late last year, parts of my grass started dying. I called Granulawn and the owner came out and analyzed my problem, made recommendations and it looks like my lawn will be beautiful again. You cannot beat Granulawn's attention to your personal needs (avoiding any harm to dogs, pools, etc)when you do business with them.

You should never trust “just anyone” to spread chemicals on your lawn, always make sure they are licensed professionals with license numbers on their trucks.

With our naturally changing environment, as time goes by water will become more precious. It’s simply not safe to risk our water quality by taking a chance on someone who might be spreading the right product on your lawn or might not be. How would you know?

For fifteen years or more, I have recommended Granulawn to my clients I always get rave review feedback about their lush green lawns they are always thankful I told them to call Granulawn.

by Leslie G on Granulawn, Inc

You can't go wrong with Granulawn. I've been a customer since 2005 and am very pleased. Excellent customer service, expert knowledge and a great value. I have the year round service and have just started the drought care program too. I love the insert that's in with the invoice..it's very informative.

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by Shelly D. on Granulawn, Inc

I also inherited a very sad looking lawn. One side was brown-spotted St Augustine and the other side look like nothing but weds, with a few wisps of Bermuda in between. I've had 2 full applications and one in-between application for some pesky weeds... Read More

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