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Granulawn, Inc
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 by Faye Mason

John, thank you. Phil and I think you were the best service person that's ever come to our home you're honest you're reliable you do the work and we trust you we wish all the companies had someone like you. You have a great holiday weekend enjoy the new grandbaby.

 by Sally Hofmann

I came across this company from a referral thru Nextdoor. I am so pleased with how my grass looks now! After about 4 treatments it is so green, the weeds are nearly gone and it looks beautiful. The service is so reasonable. I never write reviews but I am so happy with their service. I like all the tips to maintain my lawn and the upcoming season maintenance of things I need to do. Highly reccomend!

 by LynnDale Evans

After researching and asking for recommendations for a good lawn care service we decided to go with Granulawn. Wow, am I glad we did!! John and John Jr are two of the nicest men you will meet. Not only did they take the time to listen to our needs, they both have stopped by after our lawn was treated. Granted, we don’t live too far from either of them, but you just don’t find service like this anymore. They really take pride in their work and what they do. It’s more than “just a job” to them. We use to use a chain lawn service and there is just no comparing them to this family owned and ran business. Great service, super friendly, honest and fair prices. I highly recommend this company….you will not be disappointed!

 by Cassie Richardson

We are very pleased with our lawn and fire ant treatment with Granulawn. We had used another service for several years prior and noticed poor customer service as well as large yellowing spots in our lawn. The customer care is so supportive at Granulawn as well as our lawn/yards looking in top shape during the spring and summer months since we have switched. Thank you Granulawn for your kind service and quality lawn care.

 by From Google

For yrs. I owned a Lawn King of America franchise so I knew what to look for. We tried 3 lawn treatment svcs.with lousy results and watering was never the problem. John and his family including the ladies in the office are the best. Treatments always within seasonal windows and this lawn has NEVER looked as good. He also uses a pre/post emergent that literally eliminated EVERY weed. Forget the name but it costs like $1.5K per gal. and it WORKS. I guess that's why John always sprays it himself. Can't say enough good about Granulawn.

 by Al B.

I live in my second home in Frisco since moving here from NYC in 2008. I didn't grow up with a lawn so I learned on my own how to take care of one. I am very particular about how my lawn looks so I've read up a lot on how to water, mow and fertilize a lawn but I have never had it looking the way I wanted it. Last Spring, I decided to bite the bullet and pay for a fertilization service since I just couldn't get the results I wanted. I read up the reviews on every company's website, including the well known, national companies but the reviews on Granulawn's website just seemed genuine and every homeowner seemed to get the results they wanted. As my tech explained when I met him the first time, I wouldn't see immediate results but by next (this) summer, I would. HE WAS 100% RIGHT! After only one year, I finally have the lawn I always wanted (insert tears here). It is lush, green and free of weeds. Had I just hired Granulawn when I moved here in 2008, I would have saved myself a ton of money that was otherwise wasted buying "proven" fertilizers from Scotts, Pennington, etc. I am moving to a new house next month and I can leave my belongings behind but I am bringing Granulawn with me!

 by Kristen W

I have been a customer for a few years now and have always been pleased with the professionalism and service. Most recently, I was above and beyond pleased. In a routine treatment, they followed up with recommendations of how I could better care for my yard, including how best to cut my grass and how to deter rabbits from getting in my yard. Not only did they provide this advice (which didn’t generate any additional revenue for them), they helped me find what I needed online. This company represents true customer service at a level that doesn’t often happen anymore. Highly recommend!!!!

 by Amanda Knobloch

Our backyard was overtaken by weeds! We couldn't keep up with it and it was such a hassle. I called Granulawn and they gave us a very reasonable estimate. They said it might be a year before our wild field (aka our backyard) looked like a well maintained backyard. Um, they kind of underestimated themselves! It was more like 6 months and I didn't have to do anything! I so appreciate the service they offer and I regret not knowing about them sooner!

 by Teresa Crosby

Bought our home one year ago and what a difference a year makes with the help of Granulawn. Our yard looks amazing.

 by Shelly D.

I also inherited a very sad looking lawn. One side was brown-spotted St Augustine and the other side look like nothing but weds, with a few wisps of Bermuda in between. I've had 2 full applications and one in-between application for some pesky weeds and my lawn now looks beautiful. Weeds are gone, grass is growing (didn't even know I really had any in one area) and everything is green and beautiful. I took their advice and set up my sprinkler system to water twice a week, 10 minutes at a time with some time between and my St Augustine looks great. I'm a very happy customer and love all the interactions I've had with them. Would highly recommend this company for your lawn maintenance.

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