“Lawn Maintenance with a strong sense of pride- that is how we like to think of our business.”

Granulawn takes the guesswork out of lawn maintenance:

  • Our experienced applicators will make sure the correct mix of products are used for optimal results.
  • The convenience of year round treatments – you never have to worry about missing a treatment. We watch the calendar for you!
  • Our certified, trained applicators know how to spot and treat problem areas before they spread.
  • Professional service and professional products can save you time and money! Did you know that many of our customers actually save money with our service versus the costs of DIY?

Keeping your lawn and landscape in top-notch condition is our number one concern.  We are proud of our reputation for superb service, strong local knowledge and competitive prices.

We are family owned & operated, and adhere to the belief that every customer deserves personal attention!

Our applicators receive extensive training before they ever see your lawn.  They are certified and trained to spot problems before they become disasters

Why use a Lawn Service?

There is more to growing a healthy, beautiful lawn in North Texas than simply mowing and watering.  If you’ve stepped into your neighborhood home improvement store, you already know how confusing and complicated lawn maintenance can be.  To get the professional results you want, count on a professional with the expertise you can trust – Granulawn.