About Today’s Application….

This application contains a balanced fertilizer designed to maintain good color.  We also applied grassy weed control as needed.

Watering &  Mowing Instructions

Please water well tomorrow for best results.  Resume regular mowing practices 24 hours after your application.


Additional Services Offered

Tree & Shrub Program

We are currently applying preventative insect and disease sprays for trees and shrubs for our customers.

Flea & Tick Program

For our customers on this program, the third flea and tick treatment is put down with your 4th lawn application.

Fire Ant Program

We will begin the third fire ant application the end of July to early August.  We will apply bait and drench any marked existing mounds.


Lawn Tips


Of the elements that make up a turf grass plant, water is the most important element.  A turf grass plant is made of almost 90% water.  A dry lawn will show stress.  Water twice a week if “Mother Nature” does not provide at least an inch of moisture in this period, 3 times if temperatures remain above 95 degrees.  Sprinkler systems should run two (2) ten minute cycles two to three times a week for turf grass.


Keep the blades on your lawnmower sharp.   Mow every 7 days dependant on growth.  Letting your lawn grow to a height of 4″ and then cutting it back to 2″ creates heavy stress on the turf that may severely reduce the root system.  This will result in thinner, weaker turf quality.

  • Bermudagrass 2″
  • Bermudatiff 1 1/2″
  • St. Augustine  2 1/2″