The spring season is coming, and while you’re looking forward to the warmer weather, you may also be dreading your lawn duties. Lugging home bags of grass seed, fertilizer and weed-killer is not the ideal way to spend a Saturday morning, and enjoying a golf game on Sunday is definitely preferable to a morning spent struggling to seed, weed and feed ground that usually fails to supply the lawn you’ve always desired.

Why not try another strategy this year and start looking into the lawn care programs that are readily available to you? Professional lawn care usually costs little more than doing it yourself, and you’ll be delighted and proud when you see your lush green lawn this spring and summer.

Lawn care services are able to offer fair rates as they get the same supplies you get at the nursery — at discount and wholesale prices. Their landscapers and groundskeepers are educated to figure out the best types of grass for your soil and environmental circumstances, and can offer you a choice of seeds to help you custom design your best lawn. They’ll consider the amount of sun or shade your grounds receive, the normal rain levels for the area, and the amount of care you want to give your lawn.

You can tailor your lawn care programs to fit your budget and needs. Whether you want full-time maintenance and watering, or just a monthly clean-up, you’ll find a program that works for you. You’ll get tips and ongoing instructions from your service, at no extra cost. You may also want to seek advice from them about bushes, flowering plants and fruit trees. They’ll be able to help you choose the right plants, and the best places for them, in your yard. They’ll deal with the purchase and delivery of healthy plants and have them flourishing in your yard before you know it.

Your neighbors will wonder how you all of a sudden ended up with the healthiest and best looking lawn in the neighborhood, and you’ll be spending your weekends relaxing, watching sports or barbecuing on your patio. Why not enjoy your summer this season by passing off your lawn duties to a professional lawn care company.