Spring is a time of new growth and new beginnings. It’s also the time of year to examine your yard to see what needs to be done and to do a little dreaming about how it can be your own personal haven. Working with a full service landscaping firm in five key areas can help accomplish this.

  • First of all, look at your lawn. Is it full and lush, defined by sharp garden trimming? A landscaper can provide quality lawn care and counsel you about what type of grass is best for your climate and soil. He or she can also ensure it is mowed at the right height and fertilized properly.
  • Second, look at your shrubs and trees. Are they properly pruned? This includes inspecting for dead or diseased branches, clearing away overgrowth that blocks water and light from the plant’s core, and achieving an attractive look. Most of us don’t have the skills or knowledge for this and if you don’t, think about hiring a professional landscaper to do it for you.
  • The outside of your home benefits from a variety of colors and textures in much the same way as the inside. High-end landscaping companies have the expertise on staff to advise you on how to choose and nurture plants that provide visual interest at various levels – plants that are robust for your climate zone and soil type, and will look beautiful all year round.
  • Speaking of soil, were you aware that this humble stuff is the most crucial part of your residential landscaping? When you fertilize, water and mulch, you’re actually doing it to the soil, not the plants. In turn healthy soil helps guarantee healthy plants. Your gardener can test for your soil’s pH level, which is a measurement of its alkalinity or acidity; this tells your landscaper how healthy the soil actually is. pH is measured on a scale of 1-14, with 7 being considered neutral. A pH below that is considered acidic; anything above 7, alkaline. Most plants are fairly easygoing when it comes to their pH requirements, being just fine in the “neutral zone.” If you’re planting anything like blueberries, though, you’ll need a very acidic soil. Some flowers, like lilacs, need more alkalinity. If you’re unfamiliar with what various plants need to thrive, you can rest assured your professional landscaper can monitor the situation.
  • Don’t forget weeding. Did you know that the best defense against weeds on your property is a healthy lawn? Lawn care professionals do. If the weeds have already made their appearance, your landscaper will know the best method to eliminate them without damaging the environment with dangerous chemicals. He or she knows how to adjust the mower to mow at the correct height, when to water and how much, and how to apply a mulch blanket around your other plants to keep out invaders.

Your house is your largest investment and deserves professional treatment. Before you start your spring cleanup or consider some hedging to add definition to your yard consider consulting a residential lawn specialist.

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