Proper lawn care and regular upkeep can help you have the healthy, green lawn you have always wished for. While most people know the importance of correct mowing practices, seeding, regular fertilizing and weed control, many do not realize how lawn aeration can help your grass take on a healthier look. Having a healthy, green lawn will really show off all your hard work and landscaping designs.

Aerating your lawn will improve the nutrient content of the soil, minimize soil compaction and will strengthen the growing conditions in your lawn helping it to grow more quickly and look its best. In most areas, fall and spring are the ideal times to aerate your lawn because the growing conditions (not too hot and not too cold) help your grass to recover more quickly. Most lawn grass will benefit from aeration once each year. Those planted in clay soils or must those that endure heavy foot traffic should be aerated twice a year. It is typically a good idea to have your irrigation system checked by a sprinkler service at the same time you perform these tactics to be sure your lawn is receiving appropriate amounts of water.

A core aerator is essential to aerate your lawn. These machines have metal tines that remove pieces of earth. Certain types of aerators work by punching holes in the dirt. But the ones that actually remove soil will give you superior results. For best results, it is important to aerate your lawn at a time when the soil is moist. Never attempt to aerate your lawn when the soil is  very dry or too wet. Removing pieces of soil that are about one-half inch in diameter is sufficient to produce proper aeration. You can rent a core aerator from a neighborhood equipment rental company or home improvement store or you can hire a professional lawn care company to do the work for you.

Other factors also affect the health and look of your lawn grass. When landscaping your yard, it is best to use native plants if feasible. Plants native to your area are more capable of handling the growing conditions and temperatures than other species of plants. Another essential aspect of lawn care, is cutting your grass to the appropriate height. Avoid mowing your grass too close to the soil, which is known as scalping. If you are planning on seeding your lawn, be sure provide sufficient amounts of moisture to help it grow. A professional sprinkler service can design an irrigation system with enough zones to make certain all areas of your property get the correct quantity of moisture.