If you use a lawn care company to do your lawn work, ask that they use organic lawn care programs on your lawn. Make sure that this involves the use of a mulching lawnmower. Paying the lawn care people to dispose of your grass clippings and then paying them to acquire compost for topdressing is a strange way to squander money. You might be doing this without even knowing it. Forget about bagging and throwing out clippings and leaves. Instead of sending them away, mulch them into your lawn. If your lawn care company suggests yearly topdressing, you can do this without making an extra purchase by mulch mowing your lawn.

The rewards of mulching the lawn consist of water conservation, fertilizing and soil enhancement. A lawn is a farm of sorts. It is a solitary crop growing in the same area year after year. If you do not replace the nutrients that the lawn removes from the soil back into it, the soil nutrients in your soil will become used up. This means that you have to fertilize to put back what the grass has used up.

Quality lawn care programs begin with the soil. Great soil yields the best lawn. Microorganisms within the soil ingest the small plant pieces that you leave on the lawn. When they break down these particles, they enhance the soil deep down. As the soil improves, rain is able to get deep into your soil and the grass roots extend down into this newly improved growing medium.

When you pulverize up grass clippings and leaves using your lawnmower, the smaller pieces start to decompose quickly. A large amount of grass clippings and shredded leaves vanish in a remarkably short amount of time. Whole leaves will smother the grass while shredded pieces merely enrich the soil and feed your grass. As people turn to natural gardening techniques, many do decide to leave the grass clippings but they still send their fall leaves to the landfill. You can have the healthiest organic lawn in town by retaining your leaves and letting them be the basis of your green and healthy lawn.