Possessing an outdoor fire pit allows a user to take full advantage of his outdoor living areas. As heat providers, these units enable a property owner to enjoy his deck, yard or lawn irrespective of the temperature outside. But more than merely giving warmth to your outdoors, they also allow you to have fun and even entertain friends and relatives as most if not all of these outdoor heating alternatives integrate elements for food preparation. In these modern times, outdoor amusement looks incomplete without doing a cooking activity among family members and guests.

In some fire pit models, an end user can even prepare more elaborate recipes aside from the common staples of roast marshmallows and hotdogs. 

Gas or wood-burning fire pit? 
There has been a seemingly never-ending discussion as to which food tastes better- those made over wood-burning fire pits or those that are prepared on pits fuelled by gas. While you will find people who want food prepared on a wood-burning fire pit mostly because of their exceptional taste and scent, ironically, others are disappointed precisely for the same factors. They’d rather have food prepared over gas fire pits mainly because of the lack of any distinct odor or taste. 

If you are the type of person who likes wood-burning fire pits as well as the food prepared over them, you’ll be thrilled to know that various kinds of wood can give your food distinctive flavours as well. As an example, some kinds of woods like maple, birch and oak will produce a stronger and more distinct flavour while other types such as apple, almond and apricot will provide just a trace of flavouring. 

Then again, if you utilize a gas fire pit but would still desire to incorporate different flavours to your food, you don’t need to plunge to a wood fire pit to have just that. You can actually have the smoky flavor you want by moistening a slice of wood and wrapping it in a foil. You stick through the foil 2-3 times to allow for smoke to be released.  You then set this between the grill and the burner.  The foil will make sure that that no ashes could get in the burner while the smoke will bring flavour to your food. You can consider incorporating other kinds of wood as well and experiment with the distinctive flavour they can offer you. 

Cooking on an open fire goes back a long way when our forefathers had this activity for hundreds of years as the only way to cook their food. At present, outdoor cooking has been made safer and more hassle-free on account of technological innovation and innovation. However, for a much safer outdoor fire experience, it is important to adhere to all security precautions when utilizing your outdoor fire pits, whether or not they are fuelled by gas or wood.