Japanese knotweed removal is something that you may have to consider if you have this plant within your garden. There are many reasons why you should eliminate this plant. Additionally, there are lots of ways in which you can remove it as well.
Because of the huge root system simply chopping the plant will not take it out of your backyard. You will have to kill the entire root system to be able to completely remove the plant. Herbicides are great to use for this kind of thing but you have to make sure to utilize one which can travel through the whole root system.
If your garden is now being overrun by Japanese knotweed there are a few solutions open for you. The easiest is usually to hire someone to come in and professionally eliminate or control the plants on your behalf. If you live in the United States you’ll be able to get hold of your neighborhood county agencies to help you following the Invasive Species Act. Additionally, there are several private organizations who will handle Japanese knotweed and a few that handle it solely.
Should you not want to bring another person round then you can always purchase herbicides by yourself to cope with the problem. Many people have found that the most effective herbicide to get is one which has glyphosate as the main ingredient. Any squirting solution that is 5-10 percent active agent in water will work well. If the solution contains less it will be too weak to totally eliminate the root system.
While you’re getting rid of your knotweed you will have to hold a few things in your mind. If you are planning to use weed killers in close proximity to water then you’ll need to seek advice from your neighborhood environmental agency or council to ascertain if there will be any negative effects.
Japanese knotweed removal is something you should look at if you have this particular plant in your garden. The intrusive nature of the plant may ruin a garden and also the root system can harm buildings and foundations.