Whether you’re a brand new or veteran homeowner, the question often arises as to how often your lawn should be mowed to keep it both looking as beautiful as possible and to preserve the texture and solidity of both the soil and the turf itself. The answer to this lawn care question entails various factors, including just how concerned you are about and how valuable you regard both your home’s landscape and your lawn care regimen to be.


The health of your home’s landscape is certainly dependent on the quantity of rain that lands on it. Both your lawn and landscaping design can be very negatively impacted if you live in specific regions of the country where there’s either too much or too little shower activity. With an excess amount of rain, the grass in your yard will grow much faster than with a shortage of rain. This is all dependent on your local weather conditions during various seasons of the year. You certainly have no control over your climate and rainfall amounts, but the more it rains, the faster your lawn will grow and the more frequently you’ll be required to mow it to keep it looking nice and attractive. If you live in a more dry area, you may think about installing a sprinkler system to ensure that your lawn gets sufficient moisture to remain green and healthy.


In hot climates with lots of sunshine, in combination with a lot of rainfall, lawns will also grow much more quickly. This means more frequent cutting to keep the lawn well trimmed. In cold, climates, no matter how much rainfall arrives, lawns invariably don’t grow very fast, if at all.


Many of you wish to mow your lawn more frequently than you do in order to keep it looking more well maintained but be careful not to cut the blades of grass too low. A good guideline (rule of thumb) to follow is to never remove more than 1/3 of the blade of grass off. If your lawn mowing responsibilities get away from you and your lawn is excessively long, you may be tempted to lower your mower deck and chop off half or more of the grass height. This is not healthy for your lawn as it deprives the grass of its capability to produce food and water through photosynthesis. It may result in browning of the lawn as well. A much better remedy is to cut the suggested 1/3 of the blade off, hold out a few days and then mow 1/3 off again. This offers your grass a chance to recover better between cuttings.  Of course, this also exacerbates the primary dilemma of not having sufficient time to mow because it creates more mowings which you’re already having trouble finding time for.

Time Factor

Quite a few of you in fact know enough about how to keep your grass looking the greenest and how to professionally mow your lawn, but you simply don’t have the time due to your occupational, domestic and social duties.  So unless of course you hire a lawn service company to mow your lawn, you’ll continue to be limited on how often your lawn can in fact be mowed. If you’re having problems staying abreast of your lawn mowing responsibilities and you don’t want to damage your lawn by mowing it too low to catch up, you may want to look at hiring a professional lawn care service to help.