Lawn mowing may be a usual necessity which maintains the cleanliness of the grass. However, lawn mowing isn’t a job that is to be undervalued. In fact, mowing is among the substantial traditions of lawn care you can achieve.

As a matter of fact, lawn mowing is considered to be among the significant customs of lawn care that an individual can do There are a lot of factors that can have an effect on the efficiency of lawn mowing, such as the stature wherein you mow the grass and the lawn mower’s blade.

However, the time and frequency that you cut grass can have a significant effect on the appearance and health of the lawn.

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The most significant detail in recognizing when you can mow the lawn is by the grass’ length, or the regularity you mow the lawn. In a world wherein you’ll cut the grass with fewer out of town journeys, anniversaries and parties, you may cut the grass through what several people describe as the one-third rule.

This rule indicates that you must never mow off the lawn over one-third of the grass blade’s length. In other words, if you would mow the lawn to four inches, you wouldn’t like to mow the grass until the blades have arrived at a length of almost five and a half inches. Apparently, you will never wade into the lawn using a ruler and determine each blade’s length.

The notion is that you’ll have a common idea of what exactly you’ll do with regards to how often you will go lawn mowing. This procedure cuts blades and is then mostly damaging the lawn. By not frequently go lawn mowing and thinking about the one-third rule, you can decrease the damage that you have carried out on the lawn. What this rule indicates is that the frequency of lawn mowing will be different.

The lawn, hinging on the kind of grass, climate and weather will grow at a range of frequencies at different periods. Another primary concern to think of with regards to one-third rule is that you shouldn’t wait for a long time once your grass has achieved a one-third cut off of its height.

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In addition, the same as not regularly cutting and mowing your lawn as soon as the grass is extremely short, you must keep away from mowing your lawn even the grass is also too long.

The primary thing that can occur if you allow the lawn to grow high is that the grass’ parts will be exposed to the sunlight that isn’t capable of handling it. As soon as the grass gets extremely tall, the upper edges of the blades will prevent its bottom edges to be extremely exposed to sunlight. Once you mow the tops, you are able to expose the bottom parts of the grass and it will be rough for several weeks.

The next concern that can arise as soon as you slice the blades once they are extremely long is that you are able to wind up having troubles underneath the surface. The quick exposure of the bottom of the blades to the sun can result in the disturbance of the roots. This kind of disturbance can hinder the grass’ growth for a few days and can significantly increase its ragged appearance. Furthermore, high grass that is mowed merely creates larger trimmings and is hence a larger mess

As soon as your lawn mowing frequency drops, you must think of what is the perfect time to go lawn mowing. The best time to mow your lawn is actually the nighttime. Remember that after you mow your lawn, the grass needs time to heal. 

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