North Texas St. Augustine lawns affected by Take All PatchYou will see this disease affect St. Augustine turf in the spring and will cause areas of lighter green, yellow and even brown and dead patches on your yard. The runners will pull up easily from the soil and the roots are dead, dry and shortened.

The most effective treatment is acidifying the surface soil by spreading a ½ Inch, any brand, layer of Canadian Pete Moss. Be sure you rake it out evenly and work it into your St. Augustine roots next to your top layer of soil. You should not just leave it covering the leaf, your turfs primary food source. Lightly water this layer with hose, sprinkler or Mother Nature’s assistance 3 -4 times for the best results. Historically, this remedy is more effective than a topical or granular fungicide treatment and only needs to be re-applied every 2-3 years.

Always remember to stick to watering your St. Augustine lawn during daylight hours in the spring and fall!