lawn pest control

Did you know that the United States is home to at least 100,000 native insect species? Of all these species, about a third is in the Lone Star State.

As a Texas homeowner yourself, your lawn is likely home to many critters. The thing is, not all those multi-legged creatures are beneficial. Some can be annoying, while others are downright damaging and can even cause diseases.

A lawn pest control expert can help prevent these bugs from constantly bugging you. We’ll share some of the key facts on why and how important their services are, so be sure to read on.

Protect Your Lawn From Plant Killers

Armyworms and chinch bugs are common lawn pests that damage lawns in the Lone Star State. Grasshoppers aren’t as widespread, but they can feed on grasses, shrubs, and even trees. Left uncontrolled, they can keep eating away at your turf and prized plants.

Armyworms, chinch bugs, and grasshoppers can be easy to detect as they’re large enough to see. However, some insects cause pest damage and even kill plants from underground. These include a few of the 100+ species of white grubs found in Texas.

A pest control professional can help keep these bugs at bay with insect treatment. This can include the application of dormant oil to control most insect life forms. Preventive tree and shrub sprays can take care of caterpillars, mites, and other pests.

Regular watering and frequent mowing can also help reduce pest populations. After all, the taller the grass, the more food for these pests. Don’t forget appropriate fertilization, as this can mitigate pest populations, too.

Remove Dangerous Pests From Your Lawn

Fleas thrive in environments with enough moisture and shade. That’s why they, as well as ticks, like hiding in the safety of tall grass and unkempt shrubs. Both fleas and ticks are parasitic bloodsuckers that feed on animals and humans.

Please keep in mind that fleas can cause typhus, while ticks can cause at least seven types of diseases. Tick-borne diseases include anaplasmosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, to name a few. Some of these conditions are deadly if not diagnosed and treated early.

Lawn pest control experts can protect you and your pets through flea and tick control. These programs offer long-term protection against these disease-bringing insects.

Prevent Bugs From Invading Your Home

Fleas and ticks from outside can hitch a ride on your pets’ coats. From there, your furry family members can bring them into your home.

Fire ants can also invade your home as they search for food, moisture, and breeding grounds. They are aptly named for the burning sensation their stings bring. Their stings also tend to be very itchy, and sometimes, even painful.

Pest control can stop these bugs from their tracks while they’re still outside. As a result, your home is less likely to get invaded by these critters.

Lawn Pest Control Helps Keep Your Plants and Home Healthy Year-Round

Always keep in mind that many pests are active from spring to fall, damaging your prized plants. They can then invade your home once they need to seek shelter in the winter. That’s why it’s vital to have lawn pest control experts get rid of them while they’re still outside.

Are the plants in your North Texas home dying due to pest activity or overgrowth of weeds? If so, then please know we here at Granulawn Inc. can help! Get in touch with us now to learn more about our lawn care services.