holiday checklist

Americans spend almost 32 hours a month keeping their yard looking just right and with the holidays fast approaching, you might be ready to take a breather.

There’s just a bit left to do, however, and we’ve got a holiday checklist to make sure you leave the holidays with your lawn looking even better than before. From the best lawn care to holiday decor, here’s everything for you to consider these holidays.

Holiday Decor

Nothing says the holidays quite like some cheery holiday decor and your lawn plays a big part. A decorative wreath welcomes your guests and using some finishing touches from your garden can really make it pop.

Outside lights are an absolute must and glowing bulbs and hanging icicles will make your home stand out from the crowd. Keep an eye out for low-heat lights and lights designed for outdoor use to minimize the risk of electric fires.

Stay Off the Lawn

With all the excitement involved in getting your lawn holiday-ready, you might forget about one crucial rule: Your holiday activities should not come at the expense of your lawn care. You’ve come this far so make sure to keep up with your lawn care basics for as long as you can.

When getting your holiday decor sorted, think about the best place to put your decorations to avoid crushing your lawn or to minimize excessive foot traffic. For example, once you’ve got your tree and shrub care handled, place your heavy decorations on sturdy branches instead of placing the burden on your lawn for the whole season. Also, consider using a timer for your holiday lights to avoid having to walk over and plug them in every night.

Winter Maintenance

Depending on where you live, winter can often mean we start to wean off our regular lawn care tasks. The colder weather doesn’t mean you can now ‘set and forget’ though as there are still many items you’ll need to tick off on your holiday checklist.

To prepare your lawn for the holidays, make sure you rake up those autumn leaves, prune any trees and shrubs and do one final mow of the season. This is also the ideal time to deep clean planter beds and prepare the overall landscape for the growing season.

Aerating your lawn once you’ve got everything ready for winter allows oxygen to enter into the grass. If you’ve got any bald spots or sparse patches, you can also apply grass seed after aerating. This will help the seed to germinate in the cool temperatures of winter in order to assist in eliminating the number of weeds.

Leave Your Holiday Checklist to a Professional

If you’re ready to take it easy and would rather have someone else do the dirty work, don’t be afraid to call in the experts.

The friendly staff at Granulawn can help get your lawn holiday-ready with their own tried and tested holiday checklist. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.