lawn care tips

Did you know that people spend an average of over a hundred dollars on yard care?

With these high of costs, you need to follow the right lawn care advice to make sure you’re spending your money on activities that will actually help your lawn. But how do you know whether you’re doing the right thing for your yard?

Keep reading for five summer lawn care tips to help you keep your yard looking green and healthy throughout the season.

1. Plant the Right Grass Type

No matter how well you care for your lawn, your grass will suffer if you don’t plant the appropriate kind of grass for your climate.

St. Augustine is the most common type of grass used for lawns in warm climates, although there are several types of grasses you can plant depending on the location and use of the land. Follow planting instructions carefully to give your grass the best chance of success.

2. Mow on a Schedule

Grass, just like any other plant, will get stressed and may die if you remove too much of the plant at once. When mowing, aim to mow no more than a third of the total blade length at one time. This means that you should be mowing your lawn about once a week (it may be slightly more or less depending on your climate and the moisture levels in your area).

3. Monitor Soil Nutrient Levels

Figure out the best soil nutrient levels for the kinds of grass, trees, and flowers in your yard. Test your soil regularly (at least once a season) to maintain the appropriate nutrient levels for your plants.

There are many at-home testing kit options that you can purchase from your local hardware or gardening store. However, the most accurate results will come from lab testing. If you have access to a local university, it’s worth connecting with them to see whether soil testing is accessible in your area.

4. Water Strategically

Different watering habits will yield different results from your plants. If you water frequently for short amounts of time, your grass will stay green, but the roots will also stay shallow. To encourage deep root growth, water less often throughout the week but for longer periods of time.

5. Prep for Next Year

At the end of the season, set your lawn up for success by prepping the plants and the soil for winter. Aerate your lawn to encourage root growth, and fertilize as necessary for soil nutrient level upkeep. Lay down grass seed on any bare patches, and cut your grass short to help it weather the cool season.

Use These Lawn Care Tips Now

Now you know five summer lawn care tips for creating a thriving lawn all season long. Your mowing schedule, watering habits, and end-of-season prep all factor into having a beautiful lawn.

Want some help maintaining a healthy lawn this summer? Contact us today to connect with yard care experts in North Texas!