yellow spots on lawn

Have spots on your lawn started to look a bit yellow?

Every once in a while, your lawn looks a little off. Whether its weeds taking over in the spring or it drying out in the heat of summer, there are usually measures you can take to return your grass back to its luscious green color.

What about when you’ve got yellow spots on lawn? A discolored lawn may be the result of a few different issues. In this post, we’re going to look at what those are and tell you when you should be worried.

If you’re worried about your lawn’s yellow spots, it might be time to call a lawn care company. First, read this article and find out what it might be.

Yellow Spots on Lawn After Fertilizing

The key to determining why you’ve got yellow spots on your lawn is taking a closer look at when it’s happening. If you try to take care of your lawn, then it can feel unexplainable.

One of the common reasons for yellow spots on the lawn has to do with fertilization. When you put too much fertilizer on your lawn, it gets too much nitrogen and upsets the soil’s pH balance, burning the roots of the grass. In fact, it’s the nitrogen in your dog’s urine that causes the same effect.

Always make a point to give your lawn a lot of water after fertilization in an effort to prevent this.

Yellow Spots on Lawn After Winter

Living in North Texas, we don’t exactly get treacherous winters, but they’re enough to do a number on our lawns. The cool, grey weather and occasional snows deprive the grass of proper nutrients.

This is why we always need to add fertilizer in the spring to ensure that it’s getting what it needs. If you’re having trouble properly fertilizing your lawn, it could be time to bring in a professional lawn care company to help you get it right.

Yellow Spots on Lawn In Summer

When it’s the dead of summer and your lawn gets yellow spots, it’s an entirely different issue. Our dry, hot summers actually do make it difficult to maintain a lush lawn. If your yard gets direct sunlight all day long, combined with dryness and heat, it can get really stressed out.

A regular watering schedule is important when you live in our climate. Not everyone has the time to spend giving their lawn the right amount of water, however. If this describes you, our Hydretain treatment can help eliminate drought stress cycles.

Professional Help Is Available

Are the yellow spots on lawn an eyesore? If you love your lawn but don’t know how to take care of it, then you need professional help.

At Granulawn, we’re a North Texas-based lawn fertilization, weed control, and drought care specialist. Contact us today to learn how we can help you revive your lawn.