lawn care

Recent reports have indicated that approximately 31% of homeowners can’t manage their lawn and further admit that their lawn needs more improvement care.

A well-manicured lawn reflects a chic masterpiece landscape that illuminates your exterior décor and garden space. However, most Americans are not equipped with the right knowledge and tools to maintain a healthy and lush carpet lawn.

But worry not. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid in lawn care maintenance and how to avoid them.

1. Cutting the Grass Too Short

Mowing is a crucial procedure as it affects the grass’s health and appearance if not carefully done. A low cutting point affects and destroys the grass stem and causes the plant to die due to a lack of photosynthesis.

In addition, using a blunt blade rather than a sharp one destroys the grass, making it more susceptible to attacks from diseases and insects. It’s recommended to only cut a third of the grass blade to allow for healthier rejuvenation.

2. Not Soil Testing

The PH level in the soil is a determiner of the viability of any plant growth. Soil with an acidic PH range makes it difficult for your grass to thrive since it removes essential minerals and nutrients.

To improve your soil composition, you can add lime to balance the soil PH. Lawn fertilizers come in handy as they supply the much-needed nutrients.

3. Planting Only One Type of Grass Varieties

They are about 1400 varieties of lawn grasses. Grass variety rotation proves to be an invaluable asset for soil nutrition because it helps replenish depleted soil nutrients. As a result, you will have a healthier lawn in the long run.

4. Soil Compaction

Compacted soil prohibits aeration to take place as soil particles are pressed together. This reduces both the rate of water drainage and infiltration.

A seasonal lawn care service would aerate the soil using equipment like plug spike aerators or lawn mowers that spike the ground to allow air perforation. This promotes healthy root growth and increases the photosynthetic rate while reducing the plant death rate.

5. Over/Under Watering

Contrary to popular belief, lawn irrigation only requires an inch of water every day to survive. Most yard owners water their lawn frequently leading to shallow and weak root systems, making the grass more prone to diseases and pests. In addition, studies have proven that 32% of Americans admit that they don’t even know how often to water their lawn.

A lawn expert would install a rain gauge or irrigation system to monitor water usage. This would prevent excessive water soaking in the soil that may cause air suffocation and loss of vigor at the grass root.

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