[message type=”info”]The experts are predicting at least 9 more months of drought for North Texas.  Granulawn can help your lawn survive the Texas summer drought- even if (or likely when) water restrictions take effect.[/message]

What is Aquatrol?

Aquatrol is a surfactant that stimulates the ground to absorb up to 30% more water. Aquatrol is effective regardless of turf type, environmental or climate stress conditions. This helps your soil retain moisture longer and results in a water bill reduction of up to 20%. This could be just the treatment you need to help your lawn survive our continued drought and restricted watering conditions for this 2012 season.


How does this help my lawn?

Care and save your lawn during the Texas summer droughtThis product helps to hold moisture in your turf/ flower bed area’s to reduce and eliminate dry spots and hold more moisture in the soil and bed area’s around your foundation.


How long does it last and when should I do it?

This application is effective for up to 90 days. We recommend, and will begin this treatment in March of 2012. Making this application in March will ensure you have time to water in the product before Stage 4 watering restrictions begin in the month of April, therefore maximizing the effectiveness of this product. A second application is recommended after 90 days at only 1/2 the application rate to extend the product’s life another 60 days.


What is the cost of Granulawn’s Aquatrol Program and is it cost effective?

The cost of the first Aquatrol application for up to a 5,000 sqft lawn is only $99 plus tax. The follow up application, since applied at a half rate will only cost $59 plus tax. The average cost of replacing a 5,000 square foot lawn is $2,500 for a Bermuda-tiff lawn and $3,000 for a St. Augustine lawn. These estimated replacement prices are extremely low and will vary depending on price and availability of sod. This estimate also does not include the cost of the additional watering required the first three weeks to establish the lawn. For program pricing on lawn’s over 5,000 sqft, please call the office at (972) 418-0037.


What exactly does this program include?

First, we spray Aquatrol on your entire lawn (including your flower beds). Next we apply Aquatrol granular and around your foundation up to 5′ out. This will boost the rate of absorption in these soil areas.

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