There’s nothing like getting to relax and enjoy your yard, sitting in the sun with a book or drink in your hand…unless the pests have overtaken it!

Proper lawn care is crucial to a pest-free yard, but it can be tricky to know exactly how to keep those pests away. Especially as the seasons change, they may seem to always be coming back. 

We’ve put together some pest control tips to help you reclaim your lawn and enjoy the outdoors again. 

1. Keep Your Grass Trimmed

Pests love creating homes in tall, overgrown grass. If you don’t cut your grass regularly, you might find insects like spiders, ground bees, grasshoppers, ticks, hornets, and others hiding among the overgrowth. 

While some of these insects are essential, you still don’t want them in the grass that pets and children are running around in. Cut your grass often – but not too short! – so that it’s healthy and pest-free. And don’t forget to get rid of the grass clippings properly, as pests can make a home out of these as well. 

2. Prune Your Bushes

Overgrown bushes are another great hiding spot for pests such as tent caterpillars or termites. The closer your bushes or other foliage are to your house, the higher the possibility of pests making their way into your home, too.

Prune your bushes regularly to keep them well-maintained, doing the same for flower beds and other greenery. 

3. Water Your Lawn Appropriately

Watering your lawn is important for a healthy yard, but it also helps keep unwanted pests at bay. 

A lawn full of dried-up grass won’t attract the wildlife that takes care of pesky insects, and watering your lawn too much will create stagnant water where mosquitoes thrive. Seek a good in-between, whether your lawn is well hydrated but not too swampy or too dry. 

4. Clean Up Debris

If you have large branches full of leaves, sticks, or other debris (especially trash!) in your yard, it’s time to do a cleanup. These things are good homes to pests like snakes and ants.

Dispose of all of the dead foliage properly so that it doesn’t begin breaking down or molding. Use a rake to help gather all of the debris, if needed.

Not only will a good cleaning make your lawn look better, but it’ll keep pests under control.

5. Invest in a Professional Service

If you already have pests in your yard and no amount of maintenance you try is doing the trick, it might be time to call in the professionals. They can uncover exactly what’s causing your pest problem and offer treatments to fit your specific needs.

You might also consider investing in a lawn service to help you keep your yard well-maintained so that pruning and weeding the lawn is one less thing you have to worry about. 

Pest Control Tips from the Pros

With a little bit of regular maintenance and the help of these pest control tips, your lawn can stay pest-free year-round. 

If you’re looking for help tackling the pests on your property, we’re here to help. Contact us so we can get started on everything from controlling your weeds to tackling fleas and ticks.